Get Involved. Be a member.

Most of us when we walk through the club doors didn’t know, or were in so much pain that we didn’t think about, what it takes to have a place like this to meet. Someone turned on the lights for us, someone cleaned the restrooms and the meeting rooms, someone washed the coffee pots, emptied the trash, someone paid the utility bills. One of the greatest gifts of recovery is giving.

The Tonka Alano Society is a non-profit organization formed to provide and maintain the premises for 12-step meetings. The Tonka Alano Society owns this building and pays for all utilities and maintenance. We buy supplies such as coffee, creamer and paper products. We stock literature and medallions for sale to members, at cost. Our mission is to provide a nice, clean and safe meeting house for alcoholics and their families.


We encourage you to become involved with the place that helps you and others stay sober.